Biblical Marriage – the facts

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Who’s the Christian here?

After 50 years practising as a Catholic priest, Father Peter Kennedy of South Brisbane is being dismissed from his service for ‘practices are out of communion with the Roman Catholic Church’. The decision was that of Brisbane Archbishop John Bathersby alone, without advice from the Vatican. The thing ‘bringing it to a head’ was a . . . → Read More if you dare: Who’s the Christian here?

Devastation is the Bible’s Fault – the Fringe is Mainstream

TV documentary icon Sir Richard Attenborough can hardly be accused of being an environmental extremist – and now he’s confirming that which we on the Fringe have been saying for donkey’s years – the Old Testament Christian god is an irresponsible, ignorant, environmental vandal. The predominant cause of current planetary environmental devastation has roots in . . . → Read More if you dare: Devastation is the Bible’s Fault – the Fringe is Mainstream

Australian Net Censorship Catchup

No improvement to be seen, no word on when Conroy’s useless net censorship trials are to commence – and ratbag Christian fundamentalist wowsers are still prancing their absurdities, flopping their limp wobbly bits for all to see. Refresh yourself with current ultra-conservative blither and far more intelligent anti-filter rejoinders: Summary: Mark Newton Vs Jim Wallace . . . → Read More if you dare: Australian Net Censorship Catchup

Boycott Israel & Their Supporters

We have boycotted Israeli products as far as practicable for all our lives – for the oppressive Occupation and brutality perpetrated by the apartheid pariah state has been going on that long. Perhaps at this point we should make it clear that we regard all people as deserving of human rights and justice, regardless of . . . → Read More if you dare: Boycott Israel & Their Supporters

Crossing St. Vinnies off our shopping list

Any publicity is good publicity, so maybe the faithful will rally to the cause and fill the gap after fallout from the St. Vincent de Paul court loss to ex-volunteer Linda Walsh spreads. Moreover, perhaps they will look askance at a hypocrital organisation which invested a truckload of money and a barrage of lawyers with . . . → Read More if you dare: Crossing St. Vinnies off our shopping list

Boot Bush

Christmas is an annoying time of year, what with cards to write, the yearly screed of trivia to interest others to be emailed or posted to the last few remaining computer illiterates, stuffing and cooking turkeys in the heat, enduring folks’ screaming, spoilt offspring, sniping rellies in your face, receiving presents one doesn’t want to . . . → Read More if you dare: Boot Bush

Protest the Papal visit