Is the West capable of reflection on its white supremacist crimes? 1700% Project: Mistaken for Muslim

Photocopied evidence not admissible? Sobhraj irony

Richard Neville and Julie Clarke’s book “The Life and Crimes of Charles Sobhraj” gripped us decades ago – hard to believe he still remains awaiting trial in a Nepalese prison for passport forgery, with the prosecution stalling for lack of the old case file. Earlier this month, the prosecution hedged the trial, saying they had . . . → Read More if you dare: Photocopied evidence not admissible? Sobhraj irony


Leaves from the past swirl about my shattered country Phoenician glass cuts deep within the wall to end all walls My heart is occupied with grief of ages Living when there is no hope too hard to bear the purple calling in my body is despair my womanhood, logic and future denied Oppressor and oppressed . . . → Read More if you dare: Shattered

A Fair Day’s Pay

(Disclaimer: Any resemblance to any person live or dead is probably deliberate.) Let’s face it, we moved north because, despite the excruciating lack of Culture with a capital C, it was cheaper to live in the sunshine without those crippling heating bills and astronomical inner city rents. Jim was offered a better job and the . . . → Read More if you dare: A Fair Day’s Pay

Laid up, with a nice surprise

Horror of horrors, the ague has struck. The mind wanders, the brow heats, the chest heaves, the throat drowns in nasty chunky phlegm and what is left of the voice curses the miserable infant nephew who transmitted his filthy lurgy. Fringe saw him touch the bloody pizza, and had no more after that, so the . . . → Read More if you dare: Laid up, with a nice surprise

Pass the Bubbly, Darling!

‘Another glass of bubbly, darling?’ Of course she would. And if her prim mouth was sipping on delicious Taitinger, I might squeeze a word in edgeways. ‘I was going to tell you about the absolutely best thing that happened last year – while you were in Iran.’ My niece Emma is a foreign correspondent for . . . → Read More if you dare: Pass the Bubbly, Darling!