Queensland is Constructed From Slavery

Kanaka House

In viny shrouds, grey weatherboards
frame walls to shield a hidden story
Morning glory mantle streams
Dark mango trees press at the side.

On banksias and broken gate
peer empty eyes where plantation men
murdered outcasts, blacks by whites
In cold hatred hunted down.

Bush lemons march in ragged row
Fruits lie rotting on the ground
Collapsed beehives sting blady grass
By the door, two crosses lean.

Worn names traced in spider silk
scratched by some rough implement
Abiding solitary witnesses
To a century of bush sanctuary.

August 2012

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Circus of Champions

Hey look over there!
the shock jocks screech
roll up, roll up, punters
at today’s imperial circuses
Cecil the lion is sacrificed
on millions of web pages
may the dentist be devoured!
all together, outrage!
(slash the minimum wage
there’s a TTIP to push through
rotten Bouffant Bronwyn’s
helicoptering soon forgotten
no need for scrutiny by you).

I stand with Adam Goodes
and cheer his imaginary spear
in the arena of discontent
where all the rules are bent
a lawyer sneers at racist masses
in Murderdoch’s business rag
the ruling class has free passes.

Same time tomorrow, folks –
delectably unethical
the news cycle will supply
another glorious spectacle.

July 2015

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Long Division

racist brands take a stand
with oppression hand in hand
capitalist charities affirm disparities
freedom and the bantustans
the moneygoround grinds
in sordid imperial embrace
and your silence is assent
your bullying, self-defence
while others realise dreams
resist the Beast’s foul schemes
and your wall’s stacked
solid with sycophancy
praising white supremacy
your struggle, your sacrifice
brandished wares to sell
a Great Man or two
say they’re worth a look
have you read the book?
on besieged Gaza beach
a young boy flies a kite
unseen above, Israel tests
new drones for the US
and its predatory National Interest

July 2015

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