Israel, War Criminal and Initiator of Attacks on Occupied Gaza

In its latest manufactured spectacle of horrendous violence, Operation Protective Edge, Israel broke an 18 month truce and fired on Hamas first, although this was just one of many significant breaches Israel perpetrated against Gaza since November 2012.

“Because memories are short. On 29 June, Israel killed a Hamas member in Gaza. On 30 June, this headline” (thanks, Ben White)

Israel fires first

Yet the mainstream media one-sidedly have spun Israel’s propaganda that it is merely “defending itself” and “responding to rocket attacks”, and most despicably, the lie that Hamas uses civilians as “human shields”.

Israel has a history of concocting hasbara to pervert the historical record of its unilateral pre-planned attacks on the people of Gaza. As revealed by Wikileaks cables, Operation Cast Lead was cooked up with malice aforethought in concert with the US and initiated by Israel. In November 2012, the zionist state commenced its next attack on the Gazan people, Operation Pillar of Cloud, ‘in order to restore its increasingly frayed deterrent posture vis-à-vis the Palestinians, the region and the world at large.’

Regardless of its duplicitous, traditional posture of ‘self-defence’ which zionists have been utilising ever since their 1947 Plan Dalet conquests were termed ‘counter-measures’, Israel does not have a right to attack the population of Occupied Gaza to ‘defend itself’ or otherwise, and certainly not to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Nor is it sufficient for Egypt in collusion with the US and with the assistance of Tony Blair, to broker a one-sided cease fire and not consult with one of the parties at all. This manouevre attempted to make it look as though Israel was the blameless party seeking peace, when in actuality it provided a rubber stamp for Israel to accelerate its massacres and destruction in Gaza.

Also pertinent to Israel’s murderous campaign is the fact that Israel has its eyes on Gaza’s gas and this is a major reason why Israel is attacking the people of Gaza, to divide the Palestinian people all the better to arrange comfy deals for resource exploitation with neoliberal collaborator PA nepotists.

Israel’s genocide of and theft from Palestinians must stop and the criminal eight year siege which it has imposed on the people of Gaza end.

Palestinians have called for the international community to oppose Israel’s crimes through boycott, divestment and sanctions and an arms embargo on Israel.

As Jennine Abdul Khalik, Co-editor of Arab-Australian site Sajjeling and Palestinian human rights advocate says:

‘The BDS movement, initialised and endorsed by Palestinian civil society in 2005, is one of the most impactful things we can do to challenge Israel’s impunity and its normalcy. It begins in our streets, in our universities, and amongst our businesses and organisations. We can cut through government silence from below.’

Present at the huge protest for Palestinian rights at Qalandia checkpoint in the West Bank today, Diana Buttu, Palestinian advocate and lawyer


‘First and foremost, The BDS movement is growing and needs to grow further … Beyond that there needs to be a push for an arms embargo on Israel and accountability for its actions.

The boycott movement is our way of reclaiming our voices.’

Palestinian academics, writers and public figures emphasise that a cease fire must incorporate the end of the blockade on Gaza:

‘As academics, public figures and activists witnessing the intended genocide of 1.8 million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, we call for a ceasefire with Israel only if conditioned on an end to the blockade and the restoration of basic freedoms that have been denied to the people for more than seven years.

Our foremost concerns are not only the health and safety of the people in our communities, but also the quality of their lives – their ability to live free of fear of imprisonment without due process, to support their families through gainful employment, and to travel to visit their relatives and further their education.

These are fundamental human aspirations that have been severely limited for the Palestinian people for more than 47 years, but that have been particularly deprived from residents of Gaza since 2007. We have been pushed beyond the limits of what a normal person can be expected to endure.

Likewise, Hamas represented the sentiment of the vast majority of residents when it rejected the unilateral ceasefire proposed by Egypt and Israel without consulting anyone in Gaza. We share the broadly held public sentiment that it is unacceptable to merely return to the status quo – in which Israel strictly limits travel in and out of the Gaza Strip, controls the supplies that come in (including a ban on most construction materials), and prohibits virtually all exports, thus crippling the economy and triggering one of the highest poverty and unemployment rates in the Arab world.

To do so would mean a return to a living death.

Unfortunately, past experience has shown that the Israeli government repeatedly reneges on promises for further negotiations, as well as on its commitments to reform.

Likewise, the international community has demonstrated no political will to enforce these pledges. Therefore, we call for a ceasefire only when negotiated conditions result in the following:

Freedom of movement of Palestinians in and out of the Gaza Strip.
Unlimited import and export of supplies and goods, including by land, sea and air.
Unrestricted use of the Gaza seaport.
Monitoring and enforcement of these agreements by a body appointed by the United Nations, with appropriate security measures.

Each of these expectations is taken for granted by most countries, and it is time for the Palestinians of Gaza to be accorded the human rights they deserve.

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“There needs to be an agreement on the principles, the schedule (for ending the blockade) and the mechanism,” the official said.

Hamas’s chief Khaled Meshaal on Wednesday again insisted on a ceasefire only after an end to the siege, in force since Hamas was democratically elected in 2006.

The official, who works closely with Meshaal, said however that they understood that the blockade would be eased only after the ceasefire, but they required a schedule in place first.’

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‘On July 21, Israeli media reported that Dov Lior, Chief Rabbi of the West Bank settlement Kiryat Arba, issued a religious edict on the rules of engagement during wartime, which he sent to the country’s Defense Minister. The edict stated that according to Jewish religious law, it is permissible to bomb innocent Palestinian civilians and “to exterminate the enemy.”’

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With a total death toll as at 25 July of 828, at least 70% of which are civilians, the “most moral” military in the world has killed but 10 what it terms as ‘senior terrorists’.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, including staff, are helping Israel’s massacre in Gaza

Visible in Gaza

They shot the child in her innocent beauty
said she was a human shield
she made them do it they said
yet she was just a child.

They shot the mother who held the child
her womb a demographic threat
she made them do it they said
yet she was only a mother.

They shot the boy who ran from them
said his stones were missiles
he made them do it they said
his face blazes at them still.

Sylvia Posadas, July 2014.

Brian Jonestown Massacre Mutiny

Another show in apartheid Tel Aviv which has been cancelled since Israel’s Operation Protective Edge attack of the captive people of Gaza commenced on July 8 is Brian Jonestown Massacre.

The band’s performance was due yesterday, 15 July. They cancelled at the very last minute on Monday, 14 July.

The group was split right in the middle, described as:
“…group pulled a mutiny at the last moment “

“Joel rob and Matt decided to bail on it today at the last minute and stick me with the hassles and blame like fake friends do”

Clearly Anton Newcombe attempts to obscure the cancellation, saying:
“…like I said by going on about it you just give free attention to sneaky cowards that fuck their so called friends”

“…it’s kind of like the more I talk about it just now the more publicity I throw on the self righteous.”
Which suggests the cancellation was at least partially implicitly in protest against the Israeli actions against the people of Gaza.

Anton Newcombe blames his his band members:
“…I didn’t cancel it, members of my group said they were not going at the last minute like pussies so get your facts straight”

According to band member, Matt Hollywood:
“We expressed concerns, were ignored. Felt it was inappropriate to go.”

It should be noted that even Neil Young probably cancelled partially at least because of the boycott, as the stage and fencing were not built, which suggests he had no intention to play but allowed Israel to manipulate the reasons.

Since Israel initiated its current belligerence against the people of Gaza, business is not booming in the Zionist state. Acccording to Haaretz, “Manufacturing, retail, advertising and tourism have all been hit hard.” Retail sales are down by 70%, and travel agents are reporting drops of 30-60% in reservations. One Israeli citizen has been killed.

As at July 15, Israel has slaughtered 195 people of Gaza, including 111 civilians, 38 children and 45 undetermined non-civilians, according to OCHA.

The most recent murders of Palestinians perpetrated by Israel are four Palestinian children from the same family as they played on the beach in Gaza. The children are Ahed Bakr, 10, Zakaria Bakr, 10, Mohd Bakr, 11, and Ismail Bakr, 9.

Gazan civil society has issued an urgent call to the international community to intensify the boycott against Israel at this time.

We insist on international action:

- Severance of diplomatic ties with Israel

- Trials for war crimes

- Immediate International protection of the civilians of Gaza

We call on you to join the growing international boycott, divestment and sanction campaign to hold this rogue state to account that is proving once again to be so violent and yet so unchallenged. Join the growing critical mass around the world with a commitment to the day when Palestinians do not have to grow up amidst this relentless murder and destruction by the Israeli regime. When we can move freely, when the siege is lifted, the occupation is over and the world’s Palestinian refugees are finally granted justice.

Co-authored with Yael Kahn

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