Dealing with Climate Change from a Health Perspective

Possums are survivorsInformative presentation at WOMADelaide Planet Talks 2015 presents an excellent panel discussing some of the proactive things we can be doing to mitigate the health effects of climate change – divest from fossil fuels, reduce population by educating girls, sustain biodiversity, get engaged with bottom up community-based solutions and much more.

Can Human Beings be Well When The Planet is Sick?

  • Dr Paul Willis
    Director, RiAus.
  • Dr Ingo Weber
    practising anaesthetist, former chair SA Doctors for the Environment.
  • Emily Johnston
    PhD student, University of SA, co-founder Adelaide’s ‘Science in the Pub’.
  • Moderator: Bernie Hobbs
    science writer and broadcast, ABC Science Online.

This session of Planet Talks is also available as a Radio National podcast.

IWD 2015 in Asiotrailya

Rainbow Beach DespoiledGawdess save us from elitist wankers,
corporate executives and merchant bankers
boasting swimming pools and private schools,
swanking white saviours, all the right neighbours,
property profiteering, negative gearing,
life’s a long beach posing with boat and 4WD
for collaborators whose feminism screams
upward mobility in the patriarchal tree,
if you’re rich and white, the Grabbits don’t bite
no worries about wealth inequality,
in this lucky country of opportunity
they’ll spy on them but never on me,
pass the glass, celebrate the short history
of the brave settler women of Society.

March 2015

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All Feminists Are Created Equal, But Some Are More Equal Than Others

A History of International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day has a revolutionary history

“The idea that working class women have more in common with their boss because she is woman than with working class men is criminal and absurd. Gina Rinehart’s call today for a big dose of Thatcherism in Australia highlights that the essential contradiction in society today is not gender but class. Gender itself is a class construct.

The bourgeoisie and those women who have positions of power in bourgeois society celebrate the day precisely to paper over the class differences and to give the impression that becoming a boss is what liberation is about.”

The Internet As Habitat




they drink your whine
spitting pips
you’re all sucked up
weighed by vacuum
balance of power
on their side
found wanting
your surfeit of trust
shallowed you
bathed you
trophied you
away they slither
all bravado
and bag of tricks

February 2015


Oh noeeees, millions of peeps collectively frown,
what will they do while Facebook is down!
No cute cats or kids or political scrums
how empty the lives of deprived Facebook bums!
Was it those cunning lizards sent by Icke
To confound us all with reptilian tricks?
Or chemtrails seeping slyly into the server
To poison us with conspiratorial fervour,
Bah, ’twas just a blip, a crack in the stack
Sneer and cheer, tweeps, for Facebook is back!

February 2015


Who can breathe?
the poseurs squeeze hard
blame others’egos
project personal ambition
their insecurities
dreams of conquest
dreary phds
glorious leftist careers
push competition aside
top down squash and mash
the revolution as steamroller
party over people
principles for bullying
because some dead man said so
who’d vote for these freaks
who call one ‘liberal’
at whisper of dissent?
vicariously policing
what’s left of the left
they don’t see the wank in their own eyes
who can breathe beneath such fuckery
full communism?
full of themselves
not my communism
who in their left mind would want it?
who can breathe?

February 2015

Invasion Day 2015

Acknowledging white settler supremacist destruction of Indigenous people and habitat. It is telling that the white settler Abbott rewards Prince Phillip when there are millions of Australians who deserve an award before him. What has Prince Phillip ever done for Australians except cost us money? . . . → Read More if you dare: Invasion Day 2015


Why is it that the utter wanker casts opprobrium like an anchor, weighing on unwary minds, what makes the wanker so unkind? Are they bitter, untimely ripped from cold mother’s sullen tit, or revisiting rage they often felt with vicious father’s lashing belt? Around the net they prance and rant and none can trump their . . . → Read More if you dare: #JeSuisWanker

Bethlehem Under Apartheid Israel

Animation from @BDSCatalunya Support BDS of apartheid Israel in 2015! and meanwhile, read about the fantastic accomplishments of the BDS movement in 2014.

White Supremacy, Short Memories

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Cane Toad Time

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