Invasion Day 2015

Australian Settler Coat of Arms

Acknowledging white settler supremacist destruction of Indigenous people and habitat. It is telling that the white settler Abbott rewards Prince Phillip when there are millions of Australians who deserve an award before him. What has Prince Phillip ever done for Australians except cost us money?


Why is it that the utter wanker
casts opprobrium like an anchor,
weighing on unwary minds,
what makes the wanker so unkind?

Are they bitter, untimely ripped
from cold mother’s sullen tit,
or revisiting rage they often felt
with vicious father’s lashing belt?

Around the net they prance and rant
and none can trump their pious cant
or measure up to righteous gall
the world’s an ass, they know it all.

Backstabbers, zionists, liberals, preachers,
dictators, imperialists, loathsome creatures,
racists, conservatives, merchant bankers,
a howling horde of complete wankers.

January 2015

The Three Rings of Hell Downunder

i wrote because it felt like singing
without music, even if only
i heard the unsung tune
yet Quadrant had CIA instructions
to keep their sacred staid tomes
cleansed of profane experiments,
these rebellions of mine –
still i versed, a contrary Australian.

i found no royalties were due to
the spoken word unless it had a tune
a musician I’d be to live by art alone
sneaking in poems like thieves
at the start of raucous sets
while composers of minimalist scrapings
would earn a decent crust –
still i versed, lest words rust.

the Grabbits cut through the ABC
and what do they dump first? it’s poetry
for Poetica has died upon the vine
what is left to placate my mind
all is accompaniment to this thirst
and all have forgotten what came first,
the subtle taste of language’s dream –
still i verse, and curse the regime.

January 2015

Bethlehem Under Apartheid Israel

Animation from @BDSCatalunya

Support BDS of apartheid Israel in 2015! and meanwhile, read about the fantastic accomplishments of the BDS movement in 2014.

White Supremacy, Short Memories

For a twenty four hour news cycle After the killings black lives matter The US is exposed for what it has always done Hundreds of years of torture and slavery Then white people go back to caring for kittens and having Obama’s back. Jinjirrie, December 2014 While US liberals and other chest-beating apologists for . . . → Read More if you dare: White Supremacy, Short Memories

Cane Toad Time

You know it’s summer in the Sunshine State when from beneath your desk there’s a shuffling sound a gruffly plop and scrape then you look down straight into the gloating gob of the most gruesome pest around here worse than the pollies, rats and mice it’s the common cane toad, that dastardly settler-borne scoundrel. . . . → Read More if you dare: Cane Toad Time

BDS Attacked by the Deir Yassin Remembered

Musician and self-professed propagandist for Israel, Idan Raichel is scheduled to play in New York at the World Music Institute on November 18. More than 4000 individuals and 50 groups have called on the WMI for Raichel’s concert to be cancelled due to his role as a ‘cultural ambassador for Israel who provides “uncritical support . . . → Read More if you dare: BDS Attacked by the Deir Yassin Remembered

Melissa Parke, MP Presents BDS Petition to the Australian Federal Parliament

On the 23rd September, 2014, politics lecturer Dr Marcelo Svirsky from the University of Woollongong set off on foot for Canberra to bring a petition for boycott, divestment and sanctions of Israel 287 kilometres from concerned Australian citizens to the attention of Parliament. Federal Member for Fremantle, Melissa Parke took a principled position and broke . . . → Read More if you dare: Melissa Parke, MP Presents BDS Petition to the Australian Federal Parliament

International Cultural Venues Encouraged To Boycott Israeli Government Funding

Israel persists in using international cultural events to rebrand itself, to obscure its apartheid, colonialism, genocide and war crimes. For Israel’s regime, all culture is propaganda and film festivals have been singled out as special targets for rebranding opportunities. Following efforts to persuade London’s Tricycle Theatre to refuse to accept Israeli government sponsorship, more initiatives . . . → Read More if you dare: International Cultural Venues Encouraged To Boycott Israeli Government Funding