Vale Iraq

As we predicted before the outset, Iraq has been an almighty stuff up with the war crims Bush, Howard and Blair deserving of public humiliation and imprisonment for their illegal aggressions, deceits and slaughter.

Yet this latest aggression is just the last of a long line of deliberate interferences by western mercantilist interests to ensure long term control of foreign resources. “Terrorism” is the new bogeyman to replace the old “communism” tag, yet terrorism kills less people than lightning strikes. We can’t prevent lightning striking, yet terrorism could be prevented with social justice, alleviation of poverty and increases in public education especially for women, rather than military aggression which has proven to increase, not decrease terrorism.




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Howard’s cynical use of the ADF – duped!

About time our media gave Australian voices rejecting the illegal Iraq invasion the attention they deserve.

THE former SAS officer who devised and executed the Iraq war plan for Australia’s special forces says that the nation’s involvement has been a strategic and moral blunder.

Peter Tinley, who was decorated for his military service in Afghanistan and Iraq, has broken ranks to condemn the Howard Government over its handling of the war and has called for an immediate withdrawal of Australian troops.

“It was a cynical use of the Australian Defence Force by the Government,” the ex-SAS operations officer told The Weekend Australian yesterday.

“This war duped the Australian Defence Force and the Australian people in terms of thinking it was in some way legitimate.”

Bush Games

On the macro front, as the United States position their fleet to aggress Iran, Ahmadinejad predicts the downfall of Israel. Israel has previously threatened Iran of course, though they have now issued a decree that they have no intention of attacking Iran – has Bush decided to do the dirty work on Iran and told the Israelis to back off or is a US attack on Iran off the agenda for the time being?

Russia is sounding supportive of Iran – they don’t want their trade and investments disrupted. Russia holds the key to the EU energy supply. Iran continues to make negotiation noises about its nuclear enrichment program – treading a very clever fine line. From what’s coming out of the Israeli media, one can tell easily how much Netanyahu and his neozionists really want to whack Iran. The thing is, Iran haven’t invaded anyone for a couple of hundred years – unlike the Israelis who are constantly whacking their neighbours. And the apartheid land thief zealots continue and will continue to reap what they sow until they compensate those they have dispossessed, whose fury foments with the ongoing crimes perpetrated upon them by the unrestrained Israeli regime. Given the comparative lack of support amongst Democrat voters for Israel, the Zionista will be pulling out all stops to keep the Bushista in power.

Bush continues to mouth ‘we are staying the course’ in Iraq as the civil war there rages. He denies the findings of John Hopkins Uni (a very conservative establishment) on the astronomical number of Iraqi civilian deaths resultant from the illegal invasion by the Coalition of the Killing.

Would an attack of Iran take the heat off Bush’s Iraq failure, or will an artificially high DOW and vacuous noises from Bernanke keep the US consumers placated sufficiently for a Bush success in the Congressionals? or will unaccountable Diebold do the job if all else fails?

Will the US neocons aka the PPT in collusion with the Bush buddies, the Saudis, further depress the POO prior to the elections to keep inflating the DOW and deflating the POG? The Bundesbank reveals they were cajoled recently by the Central Banks to flog gold but they resisted.

US Elections

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — A majority of Americans say that they would most like to see Democrats take control of Congress, according to a Newsweek poll conducted Oct. 19 and 20. Out of 1,000 adults contacted, 55% said they’d vote for the Democratic candidate in their district, vs. 37% who would vote for the Republican. When asked what was the most important issue in their decision, 31% of those polled pointed to Iraq; 18% said it was the economy. The margin of error is plus or minus 4 percentage points.”

Clearly, Bush will have to do more than mumble about staying the course in Iraq to swing the electorate round.

The Vatican Rag 11


“The invariable response to market shocks that threatened the now infamous virtuous circle of a strong currency and the bull market was decisive market intervention by the Federal Reserve and US Treasury. For example:

– Market crises triggered by the Asian meltdown, the Russian default, the collapse of LTCM, and plummeting stock prices post the NASDAQ mania, were countered by injections of liquidity by the Federal Reserve along with high profile public statements of assurance to the markets.

– The cosmetics of low inflation were fortified by debasement of Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation measures through dubious hedonic price adjustments and false productivity measures.

– A flare up in the gold price caused by a short squeeze following the Washington Agreement in 1999 was doused by fresh liquidity solicited from Kuwait, the Vatican, and Singapore. As discussed later, these maneuvers included mobilization of US gold reserves.

– The attempt to bring down long-term rates by suspending issuance of 30-year treasuries is the most recent and clumsiest of notable anti-market actions.

– In the true spirit of globalization, the government of Italy manipulated its own bond market to hide the true size of its budget deficit in order to be admitted to the European single currency. In a report published by the International Securities Market Association (November, 01), a currency bond swap was completed in 1997 to mask the true size of the country’s internal deficit. The transaction was orchestrated by Long Term Capital Management, which counted the Italian Central Bank among its clients.”


“This newly unearthed evidence leads
Pollard to conclude that the 1930s witnessed a revolutionary moment in Vatican financial
history. As a result of the Lateran Pacts of 1929, the Holy See received a cash payment
of 750 million lire from the Mussolini government, thereby stabilizing papal finances.
Nogara used this money to pioneer a new investment strategy that involved building up
gold reserves, diversifying into property, experimenting with various forms of arbitrage,
cultivating close connections with Swiss banks, and investing heavily in Italian economic
enterprises. As a result, by the middle of the 1930s, the Vatican “was placed at the centre
of a world-wide network of banking, and other financial institutions” (p. 168), and its
traditional financial portfolio had been irrevocably altered.”


“The Vatican Bank was a successful and profitable bank. By the 1990s, the Bank had invested somewhere over US$10 billion in foreign companies. Part of what made the Bank so profitable was that it offered certain illegal services; for 5%, the Bank would launder industrialists’ money, or money of those well-connected with the Catholic Church. The money laundering scandal leaked out in 1968 due to a change in Italian financial regulations, which would have mandated more transparency. To prevent the scandal that would occur when the public learned that the Vatican Bank (which was supposed to funnel all profits directly and immediately to charity) had in fact retained most of its profits and expanded its operations, Pope Paul VI enlisted Michele Sindona as papal finance advisor to sell off assets and move money overseas to hide the full extent of Vatican wealth”