2 Replies to “Israeli Soldiers Used Gazan Children as Human Shields”

  1. Wow, you posted on Saturday…it’s only friday morning here. Great, I get a jump on the news. No, really, I’ve been following these stories closely, and commenting at the San Francisco Chronicle. Israel is creating a ‘shit-storm’ for a lot of people. While there is a lot of bad stuff going on in the world, Israel is a sore spot for me. Ultimately, China is a bigger threat to ‘my’ way of life. Ask me why I think so, if you’d like. But, what Israel does really hits a nerve. A lot of their behaviour reminds me of how American settlers and the Army treated Native Americans. But also, I studied Christianity as a youth, and I take it personal that the Jews can take over the ‘Holy land’, which is Holy to the Muslims as well, and also the fear that they really are psycho. I mean psycho in the way that they could do something incredibly terrible beyond Gaza, like with their nuclear weapons.
    Any way….. thanks for the posting! I put a couple of new pics up on Flickr.

    1. Hiya Michael

      Finally I get to my blog – work is frantic at present. The troubles caused by the Israeli occupation compound day after day – on the positive side, I have noticed that criticism of zionism is starting to be permitted even within the US – and the boycotts, divestments and sanctions against the Zionist state are working – apparently 21% of Israeli industries are being adversely affected! Religion is a real cow imo – people are entitled to their beliefs, yet when they infringe on the individual liberties of others, they can shove their wackiness up their jumpers. 🙂 You are right … in the case of Palestine it’s about land – territory – robbery. Every colonial enterprise has similar aims -yet it seems that colonial enterprises who do not come to an appreciation of their crimes and reconcile with those they have oppressed generally go home from where they are not wanted, or languish. The other alternative is complete genocide.

      I’ll get to your pics eventually – I dive in and out when I get a chance 🙂 I have more to put up as well! Cheers mate!

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