Blogs as works of art

In order to return this Fringe blog to its customary topics, we’ve set up another blog where we’ll write on Blogshares issues.

To kick things off, we’ve delivered some hints on how to succeed with the new maths, and set up a mission seeking out the best dead blogs for recognition and preservation. So far, there have been some absolute corkers, from lyric poetry to humorous verse, exceptionally beautiful photoblogs to memoirs of a soldier killed in Iraq.

Don’t miss them!

3 Replies to “Blogs as works of art”

  1. Looks like we share an interest in DEAD BLOGS check out my dedicated site, for all the abandoned blogs that you can handle, documented using wry humour blended seamlessly with sincere sentiment. We are the self proclaimed ‘Official home of the certified dead blog’:


  2. Heya Roh

    I found a good site here: which has some analyis on how Mossad is very fond of the convenient Israhelli scapegoat, Hamas. I conclude that either consciously or unconsciouosly, the Israhelli leaders DO want to commit genocide on Palestinians and again consiciously or unconsciously, they are obscuring their actions and motives. When will people ever learn? the cycle continues, the greed continues, the stupidity continues.

    And I like your writing. We need to do more writing, I think, and let the maths take care of itself :))



  3. New maths, old maths… drives me whacko… I thought I’ll pen down my thoughts on your site, which is indeed much much more organised and well thought out, unline mine… Anyway, read your piece on Israel and guess what, they now plan to escalate operations against Hamas (just heard it on the news a minute ago). More dead children? What is the world coming to? B$ID 53621

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