Protest Nepotistic Blogshares Bans

Roll up, roll up and sign here folks. We have described BlogShares in the past as the most engaging, challenging game on the planet. Let’s help it become more so by eliminating elitism and reinstating BlogShares celebrities and wizard players PnP and AXA, who have fallen foul of the wiles and guile of a hostile corp.


For more pertinent background information, visit BlogShares’ premier corporation at The Untouchables Blog.

One Reply to “Protest Nepotistic Blogshares Bans”

  1. I’d have to say this is one of the dumbest things the admin has done in a while. This was wholly uncalled for and so was the stifling of those who disagreed with this decision.
    Still, in a world of so much injustice you have to pick and choose your battles and this one ranks pretty low compared with some of the other problems going on in the world.

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