Ali Abunimah and Alice Walker at Oakland

Audio of the Oakland event is above.

My RTs of the event are below:

RT @lovethepeople: Alice Walker mentioned #OccupyWallStreet, crowd cheered & clapped V @Shunracat

RT @lovethepeople: Alice Walker: When a person like Ali is born, you want to celebrate bc you know he’s going to do so much. #Palestine

RT @lovethepeople: Ali talking about Obama’s silence on siege on #Gaza. Corrected himself, ‘Actually he wasn’t silent…he defended it’

RT @lovethepeople: Ali Abunimah talking about occupy movements not waiting until 2012 but taking to the streets now. #OccupyWallStreet

RT @lovethepeople: Ali Abunimah: if you want to fund schools [in US] change the names of them to Israel!

Grok! RT @ShunraCat: Takes one to know one! (And I say that with the greatest esteem!) RT @lovethepeople: Ali Abunimah just said ‘badass’ 😀

RT @lovethepeople: Ali Abunimah: First you must say we exist! We exist and we resist!

RT @lovethepeople: Ali Abunimah: still a long way to go…but national anti-Palestinian organizations fighting #BDS is proof it’s working

RT @lovethepeople: Alice Walker talking about Ali Abunimah calling him an old soul. @avinunu

Bully groups like StandOnUs RT @lovethepeople: Ali Abunimah on protests of Gazan children’s art: who protests children’s art?

RT @lovethepeople: Ali Abunimah: MECA not involved in charity work, they are involved in true solidarity *applause*

RT @lovethepeople: Ali Abunimah talking about #Irvine11 as example of zionists trying to delegitimize protest

One big mojo badass 🙂 RT @lovethepeople: Ali Abunimah is such an inspiration, talk about a badass! @avinunu

RT @lovethepeople: Ali Abunimah: people are leaving the shore of fear and starting to say enough is enough. #Palestine

RT @lovethepeople: Ali Abunimah talking about upcoming SJP conference and students fighting all US militarism- yes!

RT @lovethepeople: Ali Abunimah talking abt Evergreen’s students fighting 4 divestment from Israel & Olympia food co-op’s boycott of Israel.

RT @lovethepeople: Ali: zionists actions on college campuses & in courts ‘proves they have lost the argument! They try to change subject!’

RT @lovethepeople: Ali Abunimah quoting Obama’s speech to AIPAC in May. Audience hisses (me esp!)

RT @lovethepeople: ‘We can’t have some of our rights as humans, we deserve all of our rights.’ Ali Abunimah in Oakland on #Palestine

RT @lovethepeople: Ali finished speaking, standing ovation here in Oakland. Thank you @avinunu for bringing inspiration & fierceness!

RT @lovethepeople: Ali Abunimah on #fakestatehood: It ignores that Palestinian civil society hasn’t called for it. It *did* call for #BDS

RT @lovethepeople: Ali: if 2 ppl r negotiating over a pizza & 1 person starts eating it as fast as possible, what r you going to say?

RT @lovethepeople: Alice Walker calls capitalism a ‘fatal disease’

RT @lovethepeople: Alice Walker says it’s time to let go of electoral process. Says she doesn’t want one leader.

RT @lovethepeople: Ali: Young people here (in US) are inspired by uprisings in Arab world.

RT @lovethepeople: Last question by Palestinian woman: Where is our Tahrir? And questions nationalism’s role in freedom

RT @lovethepeople: Ali: #BDS isn’t about victories, it’s about educating people. The power of the movement is recognized by its opponents

Alice Walker at ‘An Evening with Ali Abunimah, with Special Guest Alice Walker’ in Oakland, CA